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About Face is a project that questions stereotypical representations of people with visible differences in mass media. Seven burn survivors shared their stories with About Face, because they all wanted to help others with scars feel proud about who they are.

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where it begins

Why do media villains have scars?


Villains having scars may just be stereotypical representation that the media uses, but what we often see from the media does have great impacts on how we perceive people who have scars or disfigurements. We may feel that people with scars are scary, not friendly, isolated and many more biases.

About Face hopes to provoke the viewers to ask question and think about the things we learn and see from the media and even our surroundings. People who have scars or disfigurements are trying their best to recover and to fit back into society, but often the society is the one who do not accept them because of the biases and prejudices society have towards their appearances. 

We hope to encourage others to reflect and question what is right or wrong, and what to pick up and what to refuse. It is when we learn to observe our surroundings, that we can decide and grow to become the person we want to be.


ways to help 


Burn Fund

The Burn Fund is a registered charity in 1978 by the BC Professional Firefighters Association. Working alongside with 3,800+ firefighters in BC and Yukon, the charity’s mission is to support burn survivors and increase public awareness of fire and burn safety issues through various research and programs.


upcoming event


Project Exhibition
Emily Carr University
5.5 - 5.21

The project will be showcased at Emily Carr University's 2017 grad show. If you are interested in learning more about the project, visit us at Emily Carr University and follow our Instagram for future updates. 



the team

The project is organized by two communication designers: Cindy Wu and Danni Peng.


We would like to thank all of the wonderful people who have helped us, especially for Nico Jan and Jason Huynh. Their amazing talents and craftsmanship help our ideas come alive. The meaningful connections and lessons that we learned are what make this project memorable and unforgotten.


We would love to hear from you! 

If you have any thoughts or suggestions for the project, feel free to leave us a message.

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